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My name is Heather Maîr Thomas

(Maîr rhymes with Choir)

I come from beautiful Cornwall, in the south west of Britain, and divide my time  between north London. and the Cornish coast. I am half Cornish and half Welsh, so there's a lot of music in the gene pool!

I am a classically-trained soprano, award-winning crossover jazz/folk/opera artist, actor, voiceover artist and a Fellow of Trinity College of Music,  

As a professional singer, I have performed across all musical genres for over 30 years, from opera  and classical to jazz, musical theatre and pop. more


I also enjoy songwriting and composing across genres for myself, other artists and the media.


Holistic Voice Coach

I specialise in helping people find joy and confidence in their singing, blending singing technique with elements of personal coaching,

For almost 30  years I have taught  hundreds of clients, from terrified beginners to professional performers and stars, including :

David Tennant , Matt Willis, Andy Bell and Dori Sakurada.

I have met many people  who feel "vocally stuck" - limited by beliefs, fears and anxiety, often stemming from criticism, shaming or negative experiences.


They want to feel relaxed and sing more freely and happily, but may not have the skill or knowledge about how to control their voice.

It can leave people feeling vulnerable to embarrassment or shame.

For years I have witnessed the sadness and grief  of people who believe they “can’t” sing. 


But with experience and exploration, I have developed a combination of  practical, vocal and personal coaching methods to gently break down barriers to freeing your voice.


It is such a joy to see my clients blossom from being unable to make a sound  to singing in public and joining choirs which have transformed their lives!

We all have the right to enjoy our voice and nobody else has the right to shut it down.

If you would like to work with me just  explore the contact options on this site or get in touch.

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