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Sing Therapy

Online programme with live workshops

A gentle, yet powerful journey

What's your Singing Story?
  • Have you ever felt shame, fear, pain, anxiety or negative emotions around your voice?

  • Would you like to be able to sing with more freedom, joy and light-heartedness?


Everyone has their own experience of their voice - and themselves.

Throughout our lives, we all acquire beliefs about our abilities and limitations, most of which we accept without question.

Left unexamined, these beliefs can create fears that restrict our behaviour, limit our enjoyment of singing, and cause us to feel sad and left out.

Can you relate?

  • Do you have long-held,  emotional wounds or unhelpful beliefs around  singing?

  • Would you like to sing or join a choir but don't feel "good enough"?

This program is for you.

I have been developing my ecourse, Sing Therapy program over a number of years, and it is finally ready to share.

Sing Therapy is a gentle, guided, practical exploration, designed to help you uncover and challenge your unhelpful thinking and transform your relationship with your voice while developing practical skills to enhance your vocal confidence. 

It blends personal, therapeutic coaching methods with practical singing technique

Using creative tools of personal, self-reflection, explore the origins of your beliefs about your voice.

Guided, practical relaxation and breathwork.

Develop vocal technique.

Connect with your authentic voice.
Progress at your own pace:

Your program content

  • Guided modules

  • Video lessons

  • Audio

  • Worksheets

  • Reflection prompts

  • Relaxation/meditations

  • Weekly, Zoom-live group calls /workshops

  • Private, supportive online community.

  • More

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