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The Voice Club  
Relax and sing in good company

Enrol now for our 3 x weekly workshops to relax and sing into the festive season.

  • Breathwork

  • Relaxation

  • Simplified singing technique

  • Friendly, non-judgemental group

  • Harmony and unison

  • Sing at informal local events

  • Invite friends & family to final session

  • Nervous beginners welcome!

Singing lifts your spirits and lightens your mood!

Exactly what many of us need with the festive season approaching...

Join this friendly, three week, stress-free singing class with award winning vocal coach Heather Maîr Thomas ftcl

In one of the most beautiful acoustic spaces in north London. Holy Innocents Church, Crouch End.

Relaxation, breath work, simple vocal technique and a variety of songs to lift our spirits and free our voices in informal, friendly company.

Group members  are invited to sing at local, festive events and to share our songs with friends and family at the end of term.

We sing  a wide variety of songs in harmony and unison, and practice vocal exercises to relax and develop our voices - with the focus on creativity,freedom and fun.

  • All standards - including anxious beginners are welcome!

  • You don't need to read music or sing by yourself.


* Learn relaxation and breathing techniques

* Develop healthy vocal habits

* Control voice quality

* Improve confidence

* Lift your mood

* Sing a range of song genres, from sea shanties to showtunes (via opera and jazz!)

*Harmonise (improvised and learned parts)

Three weekly sessions. 8 -9.30pm

Tuesday evenings from December 5th 2023

JOIN US!     (Limited spaces/ticketholders only)

One-off fee covers all  5 sessions

Tuesday evenings  8-9.30pm

  • December 5th

  • December 12th

  • December 19th

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Voice Club - Relax & Sing!  3  x Week Singing Workshops with a Festive Flavour.
Voice Club - Relax & Sing!  3  x Week Singing Workshops with a Festive Flavour.
Multiple Dates
05 Dec 2023, 20:00 GMT
134 Tottenham Ln, London N8 7EL, UK
"Heather is the warmest, most encouraging and generous teacher.  Her Tuesday evening sessions are just brilliant for getting even the most nervous to sing anything from a sea shanty to opera."
"Heather is the teacher you always wanted. Warm, friendly, inspiring, encouraging..."
"Heather is very reassuring and patient. I was terrified when I joined and she put me at ease. The Tuesday group is really welcoming and fun. I would definitely recommend attending"

We are the
Voice Club Singers

Coaching Choir, Crouch End

This friendly, fun and creative, mixed-ability group of Voice Club Singers meets in the beautiful acoustic space of Holy Innocents Church in Crouch End, London N8 on Tuesday evenings..

An eclectic group, singing a wide variety of songs in harmony and unison, practicing vocal exercises, breathwork and developing singing technique, to relax and develop our voices - with the focus on creativity, freedom and fun!

There are no auditions.

You don't have to read music!

Enrolling now for new, 5 x weekly workshops with a festive flavour!

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Join us!

Tuesday evenings  8-9.30pm


Starts November 21st 2023


Location: Holy Innocents Church, N8 map


Developing vocal confidence and freedom - singing an eclectic range!

What we sing:

  • Irish/folk close harmony part songs

  • Musical Theatre

  • World Music

  • Sea Shanties

  • Classical

  • Jazz

  • Operatic arias

  • Seasonal songs and carols (Autumn sessions)

  • Country

  • Improvisation

  • Solo singing (optional)

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