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Heather Maîr Thomas - the vocal confidence coach 


Sing Therapy

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Heather is made of kinder stuff. I wish she had been with me 30 years ago...

Rosie Millard - The Times


Meet Heather


I love helping anxious adult beginners who believe they “can’t” sing!

I'm a classically-trained soprano and award-winning crossover opera/jazz/folk singer, songwriter, actor and a fellow of Trinity College of Music conservatoire.

A qualified life coach and hypnotherapist, I combine my skills with over 30 years' experience as a performer and  multi-passionate creative.

I love to share my work as an artist, mentor and holistic coach.

Committed to helping others access their vocal/ self-expression and personal, creative wellbeing.

I specialise in helping people find joy, liberation and confidence in their singing and speaking voice, wherever they’re starting from, through my lessons, courses and programmes. 


What I do


"...Heather combines step-by-step application of practical singing technique with an infectiously lighthearted, relaxed attitude!"

I have coached  hundreds of clients, including terrified beginners and professional performers, celebrities and stars, including:


David Tennant,

Matt Willis,

Andy Bell,

Katherine Ryan

Dori Sakurada.

I coach business, media, record industry, charities and the NHS.

 and countless, classes and courses!


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"Relax & Sing for Breathing & Wellbeing"

Weekly Zoom Warmup

​ How's YOUR relationship with your voice?

 Do any of the following apply?

  • I need more confidence

  • Anxious

  • Limited

  • Scared to be judged

  • I'd like to breathe better

  • I was told I couldn't sing

  • I'd like better technique

  • I'm tone-deaf.

  • It's complicated!


 My unique, holistic approach can help recognise your fears  and barriers, learn practical solutions, relax and free your natural voice!

Transform your relationship with your voice


How can I help you?

Would you like to enjoy your voice without stress?

Join one of my programmes!

Integrating Sound Healing with Bel Canto.

I simplify vocal techniques, blending opera-based methods with therapeutic breath work and  deep relaxation.

It can unlock your voice and lift your spirits!

Suitable for all levels and styles... including absolute beginners