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Make friends with your voice!
  • Holistic singing tuition and coaching. London and online, with award winning classical/crossover vocalist and coach Heather Maîr Thomas ftcl

  • Relax and Sing program for stress-free singing technique, blending relaxation, breath work, practical skills, joy and positive associations. Encouragement and training for adults of all stages include anxious beginners and non singers. Singing coaching, vocal workshops.

  • Singing lessons, group classes, online programs. All styles from Bel Canto to Folk and Jazz. London, Cornwall and online.

  • Clients include David Tennant and Andy Bell (Erasure).

  • As seen in the Times, Channel 4, BBC Radio. 

  • Producer of the Happy Voice Conversations podcast.


30+ years' experience

I have coached  hundreds of clients, including terrified beginners and professional performers, celebrities and stars, including:

  • David Tennant,

  • Matt Willis,

  • Andy Bell,

  • Katherine Ryan

  • Dori Sakurada.

I coach business, media, record industry, charities and the NHS.


How I help

I love helping anxious adult beginners who believe they “can’t  sing" transform their relationship with their voice.

My unique, holistic approach helps you gently explore and identify your beliefs, fears and barriers, learn practical solutions, relax and free your natural voice!


I help demystify vocal techniques, blending opera-based methods with therapeutic breath work , journalling and deep relaxation.

.(...with a fair amount of laughter and fun...)

Unlock your voice and lift your spirits!

Suitable for all levels and styles... including absolute beginners

How do you feel about your voice?

Do any of the following apply?

  • I've always wanted to sing but believe I can't

  • I need more confidence

  • Anxious

  • Scared to be judged

  • I'd like to breathe better

  • I'd like better technique

  • I think I'm tone-deaf.

  • I love singing and want to improve

  • It's complicated!

"...Heather combines step-by-step application of practical singing technique with an infectiously lighthearted, relaxed attitude!"

Meet Heather


A professional singer and performer, I'm a classically-trained soprano and award-winning crossover opera/jazz/folk singer, songwriter, actor, voice actor and a fellow of Trinity College of Music conservatoire.



  • A qualified life coach and hypnotherapist, I combine my skills with over 30 years' experience as a performer and  multi-passionate creative.

  • I love to share my work as an artist, teacher and holistic coach.

  • Working with my clients to heal long-held, self-limiting wounds  and transform their relationships with their voices.

Committed to helping others access their vocal/ self-expression and personal, creative wellbeing, I specialise in helping people find joy, liberation and confidence in their singing and speaking voice, wherever they’re starting from, through my lessons, courses and programmes. 

From absolute beginners to students, practicing amateurs and professionals of all styles, genders and genres,.


During the Covid 19 pandemic I developed the program "Relax and Sing for Breathing and Wellbeing" which ran internationally, free of charge to share the therapeutic, healing qualities of singing for mind, body and spirit.

More about my therapeutic retreats and workshops here

Work with me!

Group and one to one options

The Voice Club

Coaching Choir, London

Online Voice Club

Relax & Sing

Private lessons

Adult Beginners

Short courses


Venice, Cornwall, England

Corporate training

Bespoke packages

Testimonials from happy clients

Heather is made of kinder stuff. I wish she had been with me 30 years ago...

Rosie Millard - The Times

Dark Blue Minimalist Podcast Cover (3)_edited_edited.jpg

Online program

Sing Therapy

Learn at your own pace with live calls and online group support.

Transform your relationship with your voice,  relax, improve confidence and wellbeing.

Learn to enjoy singing, whatever your starting point.

more happy clients...

...Heather's style is so encouraging, warm and personal. She will very gently undo bad habits and introduce basic building blocks of technique that contribute to greater confidence and a better sound...."

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